Photek 'Form & Function Volume 2'

11 September 2007

Photek’s seminal work, ‘Form & Function Vol.1’ seemed to imply a sequel, but according to Photek, this was never really on the agenda. Until now, that is. If Vol. 1 was a snapshot of a particular moment, ‘FF2’ promises more in terms of new material and some heavyweight collaborations.

Bowing to pressure from the infamous Dogs On Acid petition, ‘Saturated Hip Hop’ and ‘One Nation’ are finally dragged from the dubplate archives and into the light of day! ‘Love & War’ is the lead single, featuring some epic classical strings and vocals by Chiara with timely lyrical content.

The Hochi remix flips the track into a ruthless tearout anthem. Also from Hochi come ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ – a full on assault with echoes of classic Photek and the venomous ‘Sidewinder’ remix.

Tech Itch is also on top form with his remix of ‘Baltimore’ and the icy cold collaboration with Photek and TeeBee on ‘Man Down’. TeeBee then goes one step further by confronting his nemesis ‘Ni Ten Ichi Ryu’. Handling the challenge with class and precision. The pure energy of the DJ Die & Clipse remix of ‘Thunder’ reinforces the alliance with the Full Cycle family and is a long awaited arrival on it’s own right.

Not content to rest, Photek is sure to cover all fronts with 3 additional brand new offerings with the shear firepower of ‘Deadly Technology’; the liquid flow of ‘Things’ feat. Robert Owens; and the Pink Floyd’esque ‘Industry of Noise’.

All in all ‘Form and Function Vol. 2’ surpasses Vol. 1 in almost every way. Whether you are looking for classic Photek or awaiting the next chapter, ‘Form & Function 2’ delivers the goods.

The album will be available 24th September after the single release 17th September. It will be available in all good record stores and online shops. 

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